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Our LED video wall panels can be a great investment to any event, indoors or outside. It can be used for a wide range of applications, for example Touring, Concerts, Big Screen, Banner Content, Sponsor Advertising and so much more. LED video walls have become very popular in the last few years due to their high reliability and ease of uses. Our video wall utilizes pixel sharing technology that makes the visual resolution four times higher than the physical resolution, this greatly improving the quality of any video image and increasing the resolution for the entire display. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest video technology, this helps our clients have the best possible experience at their events.

Sound Logic offers several different types of projectors and screens. Our screen sizes range from small (5'x9') to large (9'x16'), depending on your event we can also setup front projection or rear projection on our screens. We also offer rigging hardware for our projectors and screens when you need to attach them to a piece of truss or air wall.

Our media server is a custom built, high performance computer running high end media software. In combination with our LED video wall or projectors, our media server can make any standard content pop off the screen by adding motion or visual effects to a static image or text. This is a great tool for creating custom banners with sponsor content for those events that want to add some spice into there advertising, or possibly help fund their event. A media server can also be an addition to your lighting show by adding some amazing graphic effects on a wall, screen, or video wall. Another great effect is 3D mapping. Through the power of audio, video, projectors, and software, light can be used to create three dimensional realms with real world objects (such as buildings, houses, and statues just to name a few). This can provide an artists to use objects as a canvas to create narratives.